For more than two decades, Cleverex has been providing innovative and affordable information systems products and services to government agencies and private industries. Cleverex is a leading technology provider of Business Process Management systems and Knowledge Management systems to Head Start programs and other non-profit, social services and education organizations.

Our core competencies consist of Knowledge Management (KM) and Business Process Management (BPM). Cleverex Business Process Management solutions are tailored to suit both competitive revenue-oriented industries as well as service-oriented industries like social services. Our Knowledge Management solutions include large Database Systems involving Government Documentation, Learning and Knowledge Dissemination systems, Knowledge-Asset Acquisition systems, and Online Collaborative systems. The applications of our BPM technologies include Case Management systems, Subject Guidance systems, Online Document Development and Peer Review systems, Federal Review systems, Grant Application and Management systems, and Quality Assurance processes.

Cleverex works closely with carefully selected partners to provide maximum return on our client's investments in technology. We have a strong track record of providing innovative and yet practical, cost-effective services specifically designed to meet the unique requirements of our clients. We are proud to be the leading provider of case management and service delivery information systems to the nation's Head Start and Community Action programs. Today, more than a thousand organizations across the globe are enjoying our innovative information technology services and products.

" is easy, innovative, powerful, yet affordable!"

- Mr. Jonathon Smith, Head Start Data Manager, San Diego, CA