In 2004, Cleverex was awarded a federal contract by the Office of Head Start (U.S. Department of Health & Human Services) to develop the Early Childhood Learning and Knowledge Center (ECLKC).

ECLKC is an information hub and communication/collaboration platform. It educates, connects, and provides resources for Head Start and Early Head Start staff, parents, federal staff, Technical Assistance (TA) providers, policymakers, and the early childhood community. Capabilities include: community stratifications, community connectivity, and on-line data management.

The goal of ECLKC is to help Head Start grantees form communities, so that grantees can easily gather information relevant to the education of their children, parents, and families. As such, ECLKC is simple, searchable, and behind-the-scenes powerful.

Stored data for each registered user is electronically captured in the Head Start Enterprise System database. The database supplies the information for user profiles, which allows thousands of grantees to manage alerts, contact information, and more. It also creates an environment capable of portal design, makes available professional resources in numerous directories, equips users to take advantage of a tremendous wealth of knowledge in the online bookstore, and makes accessible spaces known as Collaborative Work Zones.

ECLKC also integrates the Knowledge Management platform with the Head Start Enterprise System, the central data repository for Head Start management information. Integration allows Head Start to distribute important resources to grantees, assisting in skill development and improving service provision. Using ECLKC, Head Start can also share early learning resources with Head Start families.