"The Health Passport is not merely automating existing services, but is changing the whole public health-care paradigm. It is designed to give clients greater responsibility for managing their health care instead of the state. It [also reduces] overlap of services and cuts down on fraud." –Jim Geringer, Governor of Wyoming, 1995-2003

The Health Passport Project (HPP) used the "smart card" technology to put important health information into the hands of mothers and their children in Bismarck, ND; Cheyenne, WY; and Reno, NV. HPP is the largest health-care demonstration in the United States for smart cards. The project demonstrates how smart cards are used to authenticate users, preserve data integrity, and create real-time information on the health and nutrition services delivered by local health care providers. Kiosks are available at the local Head Start centers, WIC clinics, and other service providers' offices to allow patients to review their health information. By creating "virtual" patient accounts, Head Start health coordinators can better coordinate and manage the health care plans of the children and families served by the program.

The Health Passport is streamlines patient check-in, provides up-to-date health information, supports referrals among providers, facilitates parent access to immunization and other records, automates patient appointment reminders, and promotes access to preventative health information.