In 1997, Cleverex developed the Head Start Family information System (HSFIS).

HSFIS was a free, fully automated case management software that collected, organized, maintained, and reported detailed demographic, education, health, and social services information at the child- and family- levels. It assisted Head Start agencies in determining program eligibility, as well as collecting comprehensive family data in order to determine family needs, address family service goals, and track and manage services. It also tracked staff information, volunteer records, community resources, in-kind donations, and more.

Before the privatization of case management software ended the HSFIS contract in 2004, over 1,600 Head Start programs were using HSFIS, accounting for over 60% of all programs, and over 400,000 children served.

HSFIS utilized Borland Delphi, Visual dBase, MS Access, Crystal Reports, and third-party libraries such as InfoPower and Orpheus.