myHeadStart is a data and program management software custom-built for Head Start grantees, though it is also used by public school systems and state-level childcare. Our mission for the product is to help Head Start directors, family service workers, teachers, and more efficiently manage their programs in order to receive continued government funding and support their children and families.

Program Resources and Outcomes Management Information System (PROMIS)

PROMIS, the precursor to myHeadStart, was initially developed under a federal contract with the Office of Head Start (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services). It was a web-based case management system that utilized the ASP model, based on our well-established CleverEngine™ business process management software. PROMIS™, like myHeadStart, covered the complete Head Start service cycle, including: (1) Client Intake; (2) Screening and Assessment; (3) Goals Establishment; (4) Service Plan; (5) Service Delivery; and (6) Analysis and Evaluation.