In 2003, Cleverex was awarded a contract by the State of Maryland to build the Subcabinet for Children, Youth & Families Information System (SCYFIS).

SCYFIS was a secure, web-based case management information system, developed to replace an old DOS-based program. The system addressed information needs for several interagency activities supported by the Maryland Subcabinet.

SCYFIS captured business processes relating to the LCC/SCC tracking of children and youth at risk of or entering into residential level care. It was developed quickly and within budget: in less than a year, Cleverex conducted a series of Joint Application Development sessions to gather the system requirements, rapid prototyping for accelerated development, implementation, and documentation. Grounded in SQL Server 2000, SCYFIS could interconnect (via Web Services) with current technologies as well as legacy OS2 and mainframe systems.